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Plastic Surgery Financing

Financing your plastic surgery procedure can help you get the financing you need to reach your goals for cosmetic surgery. Breaking up the total cost with monthly payments can help make your procedure more affordable.

Many plastic surgeons partner with companies that offer patient financing for Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Facelift, Nose Reshaping, Eyelid Surgery and many other procedures. You may also directly contact companies that offer a diverse range of financing options and convenient online payment calculators and other tools.

Get the Facts on Financing:

Plastic Surgery Insurance Coverage

Most plastic surgeries are considered to be elective procedures and are usually not covered by health insurance. However, in some cases health insurance may cover all or part of your plastic surgery procedure if the surgery is deemed to be necessary from a medical standpoint rather than strictly cosmetic.

For instance, Nose Surgery may be covered if the procedure is intended to correct breathing difficulties. Another example is Breast Reduction for women who suffer from back and neck pain due to overly large breasts. A variety of reconstructive plastic surgery procedures — such as Breast Reconstruction, Skin Grafts and Scar Revision — are sometimes covered as well.

Review your plan materials and check with your health insurance provider to determine which procedures may be covered under your plan.

Combination Procedures

Many cosmetic surgeons offer discounts for combination procedures, or more than one procedure performed at the same time. If you are considering multiple procedures, such as those included in a cosmetic surgery makeover, this approach can be advantageous not only for cost reasons but also to confine your recovery period to a single event.

Average Surgeon/Physician Fees

The fees charged by plastic surgeons can vary considerably according to the region of the country, the surgeon's level of experience and other factors. Click the link below to see the average fees for many different procedures. Schedule a consultation with a top cosmetic surgeon in your area to get pricing information based on your appearance goals and your specific needs as a patient.